Quantum String
Quantum String by Jonathon Blakeley – Digital Art Print 1 metre by 1 metre

I started making websites over twenty years ago. I was just curious about the code and started looking at more and more of the code… and one thing led to another.

Everything was hand coded back then a bit like old school suits being hand stitched. I have always thought that Web developers and Tailors are very similar, weaving their media into forms. Web developers hand code websites and tailors hand stitch suits. Tailors use Fabric, thread and patterns, Web developers use Code, Media and SEO to make an impact. I have always thought of myself as a web weaver, weaving code and media into the synergy of website.

Self Educated

I am completely self taught in web design & web development. I got my first lessons in web site creation by looking at the code on web sites that I liked. I would then lift the code and add the snippet to my own sites & hack and tweak to my needs-in the process I would learn a little more each time.

Degree Free
After a while people started to use programs to write code. This was like Tailors using sewing machines. Although very useful one still had to do the odd nip and tuck here to a get a design looking right.

Over time web development has evolved to grow with the ever demanding requirements of the web. Websites now have to work on multiple devices, as well as engaging and enhancing the information presentation.

Web Tailor

These days my focus is on web development – making websites for customers using the WordPress CMS. Building in SEO & Security is also essential. WordPress is great as it combines SQL database structure and a PHP environment that can easily be adapted using CSS and plugins.  For me making a website is like Jazz. Lots and lots of things for me to improvise on. The end result is a synthesis of what the customer requires – a virtual suit cut to measure.

Word Wrangling

I have a passion for creative writing – weaving words together… and in the process I understand something or myself a little more.

I have a day job working for a software company doing telephone support and I also work for Zimoz.

I am exclusive and reclusive & work mostly alone –  which I find allows for a more personal and idiosyncratic way of working which I find enjoyable.

If you are looking for a top quality website, WordPress queries, Writing, Word Wrangling or Media management or have any need to contact me please use my contact form for further information.