Beauty is in the Mind – In the light that shines out from that mind. Not everyone has the light and it is hard to cultivate in these days of darkness. Some have no light in their minds just darkness & some have a mixture of the light and darkness in varying degrees. It is this light that shines from their minds that makes them truly beautiful, it has nothing to do with how beautiful their body is. People can have beautiful bodies and ugly minds. Indeed that seems often to be the case. Also it follows that some so called ugly people can have beautiful minds.

So similarly people with darkness in them have Ugliness in their minds. They have no compassion or care for anyone else except themselves.

The ugliness comes from absence of compassion for others, the lack of balance, becomes hate and desire for the suffering of others.

It is not people’s bodies that attract me but their minds. Some people are blessed to be born good looking, but most are not. But what attracts me, to people is their minds, in how the light shines from within them. People who have beauty in their minds – the light shines out from them and becomes embedded into every aspect of their being. Making their words sparkle and shimmer. When the light shines through the mind it makes the person beautiful in everything they do. When the light of the spirit shines through the mind – their beauty is not subject to the ravages of time and endures eternally.

St Nectan's Glen Cornwall
St Nectan’s Glen Cornwall



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