To practice deep listening one must be calm and relaxed, unmovable and unshakable like a Mountain or like the Ocean. Our minds should be like the sky, untouched by the clouds or storms that may come.

deep listening

Many people do not really listen properly, often they are thinking of other things. They are not mindfully listening here and now in the ground of being. They think they understand already. Because of pride, anger, desire and ignorance project their false understanding upon others that are talking. They come to conclusions before a person has finished speaking.

Sometimes people can say harsh things, and wrong perceptions or unjust. People are not compassionate and forgiving when this happens and then they judge. People say the wrong words or in the wrong way & for many reasons. In deep listening, one hears this but one is not offended or perturbed. One just smiles, learns the lesson and lets it go.

The emptiness of deep listening

Deep listening is based on the urge to help all sentient beings with their needs, problems or suffering. To practice deep listening one must empty oneself out completely. In order to let other sentient beings speak freely and without fear. When we empty out our selves – others feel this and it helps them empty them selves out also. When listening deeply we must do so without any sense of hope or fear. Free of what others may say or not say.

Deep listening is not simply about listening to what people say. But how they say something and what they do not say also. We listen deeply to the words and the silence. When we practice deep listening we empty out our selves. We realise that the self is just an illusion and the not self is an illusion. They are empty of form, there is no subject and object, nothing to be ashamed of & nothing to lose.

When we speak kindly we must do so with truth, without exaggeration using peaceful words and without projecting. But what is the truth? The truth is ephemeral yet eternal. It is understood only when we speak with the voice of silence that comes from each moment. When the spontaneously present timeless awareness breaks through the silence, as loud as thunderbolt and as soft as a whisper.

The practice of deep loving listening and compassionate speech is generous. It gives people space and time and allow their failings of miscommunication. We are patient, pure – untainted. We are enthusiastic, fearless and hopeless, we are calm, and when we eventually speak the unspeakable it is with loving kind words & the blissful wisdom of non-duality.