Digging Deep Down
into the depths of my soul,
looking for a way,
back to the fold.
Looking for signs,
that will show me the way,
So many things,
that I am trying to say.

Gotta get myself,
back together again.
I haven’t felt this good,
since I can’t remember when.
Looking in the mirror
A stranger do I see,
He looks like he is trying to break free.

Coming to accept ,
the pointless of words.
When you listen the silence,
a message can be heard.
I am following it he footsteps
of those who have gone before.
Searching for the answer,
to what it’s all for?

Being now-here,
at the centre of all time,
Where the Self dissolves
into the sublime.
Emptiness shines,
with invisible light.
Like countless stars
in the blackness of the night,

The Philosophers Stone
The Philosophers Stone

Lyrics to a song of mine