What is the shining path of least resistance?

There is no visible sign that points to the shining path, and it is impossible to describe it clearly in any way. Yet its ephemeral presence is always here, camouflaged against our visible reality. It twinkles almost imperceptibly like a spider’s web glistening with the morning dew. Spontaneously it comes into focus for a fraction of a second then as quickly vanishes into the unborn from whence it came.

Path to the 12 Apostles Ilkley Moor, Yorkshire

Why does the path shine? The path shines as the unborn glimmers with the ideal as it tries to realize itself and condense as perfect dew drops into this manifestation. Sparkling as the ideal oozes potential pleasure out of the empty unborn.

And what is it that makes the path shine? It is the freedom of Love & Light that makes it shine and iridescent. Snaking it ways to pots of gold and dragon’s treasures untold. An odyssey in the unravelling, a quest to the rainbow’s end.

No one can tell you about the shining path because of its unspeakable variety. Those that try to talk of the path sound quiet mad and are shunned by all and sundry. The shining path is the next step to take; if you can see it, that leads to the best of all possible worlds. A win/win outcome born from Love, Compassion, Joy & Equanimity.

So where is this mysterious shining path and how does one find it? Everyone must find it through their own method. In many ways it can not be found if you are directly looking for it, one has to be empty & open for the path to find you. It has to be inferred by its effect of total relaxation. For to walk the shining path is be infinitely relaxed, free & open, nothing need be done. Being totally at ease with all that is, was and will be, seeing it all as a divine dance between Mother Kaos and the Father Cosmos.

By being free & open, the shining path reveals itself. We then encounter its ineffable nature, paradoxically empty yet sublimely filled at the same time. It is through this emptiness that everything is connected. This then becomes perceived as a spontaneous presence, and that networked presence is the original Unity, non dual consciousness, aka Naturally Occurring Timeless Awareness.

The shining path leads to the palace of nothingness, the place of eternal rest. The place where desires and aversions cease to be and are replaced with the original being. It is neither here nor there nor somewhere in between, it is beyond all words and meaning. The path of lights location is beyond the borders of the realms of imagination, glittering, shimmering in its infinitely open way.

One can not find the path by cleverness or cunning & the path has no beginning nor end but proceeds in overlapping circles that expand to fill all of space. To find it one proceeds through the doorway of effortless unto the self luminous path of least resistance & from there to the palace of timeless emptiness.

The shining path leads to the one goal, which is the joy of infinite freedom; a liberation for all that is an ending and a beginning, an ending and a beginning…