The Fish & the Fisherman

Once upon a time there was a Fisherman. He sailed his fishing boat upon the great oceans wide. He would cast his nets into the waters and reap the possibilities with each particular weave of net he used. Each net was just a filter for life – to sieve something out of the nothing.

One day whilst he was pulling in his net, he stopped and looked down at one fish that was caught in the net. One lone eye stared back at the fisherman. Within the fish’s eye, the fisherman saw a fish and within the fish’s eye was a Fisherman.

For a moment time seemed to stop and the ocean became breathlessly still.

The Fisherman thought to himself – “There are plenty more fish in the sea, but this one looks like me – so I will let it go free “

So he threw it overboard into the blue green waters and smiled.

To give is to receive…