Shed HeadI had a Grandfather that was very influential to me. He taught me a lot of what I know about gardening. One day I asked him.

“How does one get rid of weeds Grandfather?”

“I suppose the answer depends on what you call a weed? A weed is a plant that has no use in the garden. But uses can change with time and tradition. Once you know if a plant is useful to you or not – then you can work out how to control it.”

He replied “There are many ways to treat weeds, some favour pesticides as a quick solution. But the problem is some weeds always survive and then they grow back again even stronger than last time. The best way is pull them out. But you must get all the roots out. If one tiny piece of root is left then then entire weed can grow back again next year.”

“How does one get all the roots out I asked?”

“Well there are tools that you can buy and some help to get more of the root out but they can cause the root to break and create more weeds also. Often the best method is digging deep around the weed to loosen the soil, and then using the hands to gently easy the weed out. It takes practice but you can pull the entire root system out if you are careful. ”

“The thing is some roots or seeds always survive and so some weeds always come back.”

“So what is the answer Grand-dad how do you get rid of the weeds permanently?”

“You can never get rid of the weeds totally, they will always come back. The trick is to never stop weeding and to try to stop them seeding.” said my Grand-dad wisely.

I looked up at him and thought how much the mind is like a garden that we must tend. If we don’t keep on top of the garden of our mind it will become overgrown with weeds and brambles and impossible to grow anything of any worth.