The purpose of the Con is to conceal the true condition of reality.
Perception is a means to control through the construction of contradictory realities as they are woven together to create conflict and consent.

Don’t conform, don’t confirm the con. Make no concession to the inconceivable condemnations. The con is concealed in what it thinks it knows. The Con wants to amplify the confusion, not condense the spiritual concentration of the anti-con confederacy.

The con is a vast babbling confabulation of chattering noise.
Don’t let the con control what is free.
Don’t let the con conclude what we should be.
Don’t let the con confine what we should see.
Be confident and confront the con!
Consume their conflict and become immune to the con’s contagious contact contamination.
Don’t be conventional, on the contrary;
Be controversial – if you want to conquer the con.
Don’t contribute to the con contest.
Be content and conscious of the infinite possibilities. Explore the loopholes and continue to contrive ways to control and convert the ConsPiracy. Compromise is the mother of consent…

Don’t try to understand this message, that’s what the con want you to do. Give up and let the message understand you.

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